Can Air Duct Cleaning Cause Damage?

Air duct cleaning is crucial for keeping your home clean and healthy. If it’s not done by professionals, however, there can be serious consequences for both your wallet and your health. We want to help you understand what these damages are to know how important it is to hire an experienced and reputable company with safe practices like Tahoe Clean Air Reno.

One of the most common problems with duct cleaning is damage to the HVAC system itself. When dust accumulates in vents or on coils, they become clogged, and it causes them to overheat, which can lead to expensive repairs or even replacement parts down the road if left untreated for too long. Another issue when air ducts aren’t cleaned properly is mold growth inside walls and under insulation. This can reduce the quality of indoor air significantly and lead to respiratory problems, such as asthma attacks or allergies, and many other symptoms like headache and fatigue.

Air Duct Cleaning is the most requested service of our company’s offerings. It not only keeps your HVAC system in tip-top condition and prolongs its life span, but it can reduce your energy consumption and improve the indoor air quality at home. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report on Indoor Air Quality, Americans spend around 90% of their time indoors on average, and those who spend even more time indoors (older adults, babies, and sick people) are susceptible to the adverse effects of poor air quality.

Rest assured that with Tahoe Clean Air Reno, your air ducts are in good hands! We have 64 combined years of experience in this service, and we’ve worked with various types of HVAC. Upon calling us for service, we perform an inspection and assessment of your unit using fiber optic cameras. Next, we clean and unclogged the air ducts using specialized sweepers. Then, we use a powerful vacuum to remove the remaining debris. Lastly, another camera inspection will be performed to ensure your air ducts are squeaky clean.

We don’t want our customers to get sick because they didn’t take proper care of their heating systems when they can easily ask for help!

Here’s what one of our customers has to say: Amazing customer service, timely, knowledgeable, and informative! Gave us options on which services were relevant to our home and needs, affordable pricing with coupons and discounts available, and offered an additional maintenance program. Very easy and friendly to work with. Will definitely be using Tahoe Clean Air again!

Air duct cleaning is an important service that can improve your home’s air quality and the condition of your HVAC unit. It’s critical to choose a company with expertise in air duct cleaning and uses environment-friendly and safe products. With Tahoe Clean Air, you can trust that we’ll get the job done right. Contact us today and let us take care of air duct cleaning!

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