Things to Do Before Putting Your House on the Market

The real estate business is a highly lucrative area in the United States. If a person gains expertise in this business, he can earn huge profits. But as an individual, if you want to sell your house, you can be stuck with several questions. It doesn’t matter how good is real estate market is.

You may have a bunch of questions such as Do I need to hire a real estate agent? What all paperwork do I need to do and How I can get the best price for my house. But no need to worry you will get all the answers here.

Let’s begin with analyzing the number of houses sold in the 1st half of 2021 as per The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  • JANUARY 77
  • FEBRUARY 70 
  • MARCH 83
  • APRIL 74 
  • MAY 65
  • JUNE 61
  • JULY 64
  • AUGUST 62

When selling the house solo, it’s always a good option to hire a real estate attorney. You can be aware of all the required laws. Disclosure laws (law varies from state to state) are one of them. It means what you have to disclose about the house as a seller to the buyer, Better to understand the contract. It helps you to get ready with all the documents needed at the time of selling your property. We specialize in rubbish collection, waste recycling, yard clean up, deceased estate Perth collection, green waste collection, and clean up services. Documents required are the original purchase contract of your home, Mortgage documents, Tax records, Appraisal from your home purchase, Home inspection report, etc.

What makes a house sale worthy? 

Selling a house is a difficult task. You need to understand many things. First of all, you need to do some research about the market. Then you can list your property on the market to find a suitable buyer and many more. Here are few tips to make your house sale worthy:

Invest in professional photographer & 3D Tour: As per the report of 2020 by NAR, 84% of house buyers & sellers use the internet to buy a house. 89% of people find the photograph very useful while hunting for a house. You can consider uploading at least 30 photographs and a video showing a 3D tour of your house shot by a professional photographer. The photos should cover the interiors and the outside area of the house.

Pick the right time to sell: Right time is the time when you list your property in the market can affect the sale. According to research, the right time to list down the property in the US is in mid-march till early spring. It recorded that this time the property is sold faster and at a higher price. However, due to the pandemic, the real estate industry has been affected. This resulted in a slow down in the listing and purchasing of houses.

Fix the right price: No seller wants to sell their property at a low price. They tend to fix a high price thinking that they will cut the price later. But the real estate industry does not work this way. A buyer always researches about all the aspects. Price is the 1st thing on their list. So, they are well aware of the market rate. Price cutting, later on, may let the buyer think that there must be something wrong with the house. So it’s important to fix the correct price according to your house and the market.

Be Flexible with buyers’ time: Buyers always want to see the property at their convenient time and most probably in the evening or on weekends. If your house is available for viewing instantly when the buyer wants, it makes a good impression. Always remember to clean your house and be in before the buyers arrive.

How to make your house ready for sale?

Before Listing your house, you should always make your house ready for sale. Buyers are attracted by the looks and features of the house. Here are some points you can follow :

Declutter your home: Decluttering is very important as it gives an impressive 1st look to the potential customers. Buyers can focus on the home features instead of focusing on junk. Neat and arranged closets will give the buyer an idea of how they can utilize space.

Deep cleaning: Deep cleaning means cleaning toilets, wiping and mopping the floors, cleaning the rugs, and cleaning the air ducts. This is an important step as the unpleasant smell can annoy the potential buyer. You can also hire professionals for deep cleaning before listing your house.

Repairs & paint: You need to fix all the nagging things. Make a list of all the things that need to repair like stained ceilings, broken tiles, cracked windows & doors, scratched floors, removal of wallpapers, etc. Decide what needs to be fixed and paint the wall with neutral colors. You can also hire a real estate agent for better suggestions on what to repair.

Home Inspection: it’s recommended to inspect your house before listing by hiring a home inspector. It helps you to know all the issues that may occur at the time of selling your house. Inspection beforehand gives time to fix all the issues.

Before putting your house on the market, always remember to follow the steps discussed above. First, you need to do market research and make your house ready to attract and create an impression on a potential customer. This will also result in getting a good price for your house. Fix it before selling and you’re good to go.

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