Choose a Hand Dryer from the Category That Fits Your Needs

Not all products are created equal, which is a very good thing in almost every situation. This is certainly true of the equipment that a business provides for drying hands. There are high-quality dryers that are not only dependable but are also extremely effective at doing the job they’re designed to do. Within the larger category, you’ll also find several different sub-categories from which to choose.

There are budget hand dryers, performance models, and products designed with both function and appearance in mind. The latter are known as “image” or “prestige” dryers. But don’t be overly concerned about making your choice on your own because you can learn a lot more when you browse the website of one of the leading providers of quality products in the industry.

Three Categories

Consider first the budget dryer category. These products are the right choice for someone who needs a cost-effective hand-drying unit that will get a low level of usage. If there are budget limits, this is the category for you. In making this choice, you’ll be eliminating the expense and mess of using paper towels. It’s a very good decision for cleanliness reasons and for financial reasons.

But don’t be misled by the term “budget”. These may be available at a lower cost than some other units but they are durable and dependable. You can get a powerful dryer for an attractive price, which is a smart decision for your small pub or restaurant, for example. You may even want to stretch the budget a bit and choose a unit that delivers outstanding performance, drying the hands in a matter of seconds. But even this last option fits into the budget category.

Taking your dryer shopping to the next level, you might want to choose from the performance category with additional build quality and strong performance. The cost is a bit higher but you can still get the equipment that you need without emptying the bank account. When you spend a bit more than you would at the budget level, you can expect faster drying time, adjustable temperature, perhaps even an energy-saving feature. Chances are that you’ve already used a dryer of this type somewhere in your travels.

Image and Prestige

The dryers in this category do cost a bit more but they are certainly the best. If you want to project an image of quality along with excellent function, this would be your choice. For the slightly higher cost, you receive extremely efficient power consumption results and reliability that’s beyond compare. If you’ve used one of the “hands in” models somewhere, you know a bit about what this type of dryer will deliver.

If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call and talk to a representative. You don’t have to be an expert to make the correct choice. You can rely on an experienced provider to offer just the right equipment for your needs.

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