How to Choose a Hot Tub

Because they are relaxing and healthful, hot tubs are ideal installations to include inside or outside a home. Who needs to go to a resort when you can enjoy a hot tub instead? You do not need to travel far to receive the spa’s therapeutic benefits. That is why, when making a decision on a hot tub, you need to carefully read the reviews. Do not narrow your selection solely based on price. Instead, make a decision on price by basing it on a tub’s features.

A Basic Type of Spa

If you want to customise your tub, you can do so as well. Therefore, you can select special features to include in a desired design. A basic yet good quality tub normally features a two-seater bench style design in a rectangular frame. Dimensionally, this type of tub measures about 120 centimetres x 150 centimetres in size.

An Example of a Popular Tub Style

Tubs today feature an acrylic shell highlighting a multi-layered design and a high-density insulated foam and stainless steel frame for support. Hydrotherapy is represented by finely tuned jets that are powered by a robust and dependable pump. Some jets display a T-shape alignment, which targets a person’s shoulders and lower back.

Some of the amenities include an adjustment for water pressure, Bluetooth connectivity, and LED lights to enhance the hot tub experience. A clear and pristine water supply is maintained with the use of a water ozone and filtration system. This sample spa is made to hold 700 litres of water and heats up quickly, thereby reducing the amount of money spent on utilities. An advanced drain system encourages the easy addition and removal of water.

If you are surveying hot tub prices and reviews, this type of tub may be one which you want to shortlist. Tubs of this type feature complimentary steps along with a spa cover, both of which support the tub’s premium yet economical design. If you opt to design your own tub, you can choose from various shell colours and cabinet selections as well.

Shell and Cabinet Pairings

Spas are available in the following shell and cabinet pairings:

  • A pebble grey shell and steel grey cabinet
  • A champagne coloured shell and oak brown cabinet
  • A dark grey shell and the same colour of cabinet
  • A royal blue shell and oak brown cabinet

You can also choose from one of various amperages. Usually, tubs that are smaller in size come in 13 amp or 32 amp designs. When seeking a spa, it helps to take advantage of free delivery and installation too. The tub should also come with a warranty. Most tubs featured today are typically guaranteed for up to five years.

Some Additional Features

When choosing a premium tub, you will find that the following features are usually included:

  • Air control valves
  • Programmable filtration
  • Insulated base
  • Thermostat
  • Water level detection
  • Heater

As you make a selection for a tub, pay special attention to the details and specs. Ask the provider to explain anything that is confusing. Shop online and design your own tub, and make sure that the provider offers free delivery.

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