Choosing Metal Roof Vs. Shingles: What Is Better?

You should always have a reliable building contractor if you want your commercial building to look perfect. They have extensive knowledge of anything construction-related, so you can also rely on them when choosing suitable construction materials. Out of the many materials to consider, you have to focus on the building’s roofing material.

Your roof is one of the essential areas of any building because they protect everyone inside from the harsh heat, cold, and rain. If you still don’t have a roofing material in mind, you must learn more about metal roofing and shingles. You can find many building owners wanting those two roofing types because of the different benefits they provide. But before choosing one, it’s best to get an in-depth look between the two.

What is Metal Roofing?

It’s a roofing system manufactured from metal tiles or pieces that you can find in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Usually, metal roofing consists of copper, zinc, and steel alloys, and they are the vital components that make it a reliable type of roofing. Once installed on your building, you get to experience different benefits such as: 

  • Lasts Longer Than Most Roofing Systems

The main benefit of metal roofing is it lasts longer than other roofing systems. On average, a metal roof can last for up to 60+ years. When you pair it with proper maintenance, it can reach as far as a hundred years. You can get your money’s worth with a metal roofing system instead. 

  • Withstands Most Types of Harmful Outside Elements

Roofing needs to protect you from the harmful outside elements that can ruin the comfortability and functionality of your building. One good example of an outside element that needs to stay out of your building is extreme weather. During hot or cold days, the building needs to protect everyone from its extreme temperatures. 

Fortunately, metal roofing can provide building owners adequate protection against any extreme weather when appropriately installed. If your building stands in an area where everyone experiences extreme weather conditions, your best choice is metal roofing. Whether it’s strong winds or hail storms, metal roofing will absorb all of the damage and keep your building interior safe. 

  • Prevents Building Fires

If you’re afraid that your building will catch on fire, install a metal roofing system to add a layer of fire protection. Metal roof materials have a Class A fire rating and don’t combust efficiently. It’s a great option when you have highly flammable materials underneath the roof, and you want to contain potential building fires as much as possible. 

The flames inside won’t go through the roof, ensuring fire containment. The fire containment provides firefighters enough time to respond and arrive at the scene to extinguish the fire fully. Note that fire escaping from your windows will snowball, so containing them is your only chance to prevent it from damaging nearby buildings. 

  • Maintains Easily

Contractors will have a walk in the park when they arrive to maintain your metal roofing. It only requires minimal maintenance, so you don’t have to pay a lot to keep it in top condition. Usually, you can have maintenance personnel inspect the roof for any debris, such as leaves, clogged gutters, or dead critters lying around. 

The only time you may need extensive maintenance is during storms. After the storm passes, you should expect physical damage on the roof like dents. And if you only experience strong winds, you can have it cleaned out without a problem. Don’t forget to install a ship stair access roof hatch for your cleaners to access the roof more accessible. 

What is Shingle Roofing? 

The next type of roofing system is shingles, which you usually see in residential homes because it provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, many are now using it on their commercial buildings to enhance the overall exterior appearance. Besides enhancing a building’s appearance, it can also provide several benefits, including:

  • Achieves Versatility

One benefit of shingle roofing is its versatility. You can install it at any angle, shape, or form of roofing, and it will fit perfectly and seamlessly. It’s the best choice when you want to achieve an aesthetically pleasing roof. Make sure you hire a professional roofing contractor to do the installation if you want it installed the right way. 

  • Comes in Different Designs and Colors

Another benefit of shingle roofing is you have a variety of designs and colors to choose from that will fit nicely on any building design. If you’re worried that shingles won’t look good on your building, you might need to look for another roofing material supplier. 

  • Achieves Cost-Effectiveness

If your building’s on a budget with its roofing materials, shingles can help you reduce your spendings. Not only can you get it for a reasonable price, but it also provides excellent performance. Other roofing systems will take up most of your budget, but you won’t get that with a shingle roofing system. 

  • Helps With Energy-Efficiency

Not many know that shingles can provide energy efficiency for buildings. Your roofing contractor installs an entire system, including underlayment, that makes your building energy-efficient during the installation process. There are different shades of shingles that reflect a high amount of infrared generated by the sun. The reflection helps prevent the heat from passing through the roof’s surface and keeps the building cool. 

  • Holds Out Against Strong Winds

Like with metal roofing, shingles can also hold out against strong winds. Are you afraid that your roofing might fly off during a severe wind storm? Your shingle roofing can stay put and keep your building’s interior dry and free from water leaks. Once the strong winds pass, call over your contractors right away to do roofing inspections and do the necessary repairs or maintenance on the roof. You can also find manufacturers that offer high-wind limited warranties on more incredible wind speeds. 

Hopefully, the benefits mentioned above can help you choose whether your building needs a metal roof or shingles. Discuss it with a professional roofing contractor to ensure you get the right roofing type. Remember that each roofing type has specific benefits that the other might not have, so proper decision-making is vital. 

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