Reasons Why People Love Open Floor Plans

Open plans are becoming more popular on the architectural trend as the year passes. In fact, it has become a necessity for individuals who are visiting open houses. An open floor plan is an architectural concept where two or more traditional spaces form a much larger area. People loved the maximum space and potential for other purposes the space gives by combining these rooms. 

Traditionally, homes were designed to have these rooms separated; the kitchen, living room, and dining room. This concept has made the house looked organized and categorized, but it took up too much space. Open floor plans don’t just create a larger area, but people have come to love its aesthetically pleasing look. Let’s discuss further why this generation has grown to love the concept of open floor plans. 

1. For Entertainment Purposes

One of the main reasons people have come to love open floor plans is that the open spaces allow people to communicate with each other even if the other person is in the living room and the other is prepping their food in the kitchen. The increased space also allows you to swiftly bring in more additional seating for guests or family members while still having plenty of room to interact and move around one another without feeling crowded.

2. Easy Access to Natural Lighting 

With open floor plans, natural lighting becomes easier to reach the combined areas of your home. It all relies on the orientation of your home, so make sure to choose the right direction in planning where your home should face for better access to natural light. Being exposed to natural light has also imposed some health benefits such as; 

  • It helps you sleep better
  • Improves mood
  • Improves productivity
  • Boosts Vitamin D levels

In addition, an open floor plan helps you transition from home interior to outdoor spaces or your backyard, with big-sized windows and glass doors as the barrier. This architectural technique doesn’t just give you a fresh and unique look, but it also makes natural lighting have easy access to some areas of your home.

3. Better Traffic Flow

Imagine being in a hurry for something, and you have to walk on many rooms, walls, and doors blocking your way. Such a hassle, right? Well, with the open floor plan concept, you won’t have to deal with these instances. You can move freely around your house because of the available space it provides. This is also a bonus if you have kids or pets in your home. It may be a little tricky watching them play in the living room while you are cooking in the kitchen if there is a wall on the way. With open floor plans, you can cook your kid’s favorite meal while having access to watch over them with a few glances to avoid any unwanted accidents. 

4.  Have a Multifunctional Space

With open floor plans, you can design or refurbish your furniture to wherever you like. Do you want to put your couch in this area and your dining table adjacent to your living room? You won’t have to worry. Renovating and refurbishing your combined space will be easier with this architectural concept. You can even decide if you would like to turn the area into a home office, recreational room, or even an entertainment space, depending on what your needs are at the moment.

5. Expand Small Spaces

If you wish to have a larger home, but it won’t cut out to your budget, you should consider having an open floor plan. With this concept, you can eliminate the wasted space from looming walls and doors and have the square footage for your furniture, seating arrangements, and anything else you might need. Your small home will have a glorious feeling with this floor plan. 

6. Improve Resale Value

Since open floor plans are more saleable now in modern times, this can become an investment for you if you ever plan to resell your home. This architectural concept’s versatility of the open space adds value to your home and is more favorable for buyers than the closed floor plan. 

7. Great Option For The Aging

 Our bodies will tend to become weaker as we age, and could affect our mobility. With the open floor plan, you won’t have to worry about walking across rooms, for it only requires few steps to go back and forth from your space to the living room and your kitchen. In addition, if you have elders in wheelchairs or other mobility devices, it is easier for you to guide them since there are fewer walls to block their way. 

8. Great For Modern Kitchens

Usually, the kitchen is the centerpiece of a home. This is where families gather and bond while they are preparing their meals. Some kids also do their homework while waiting for their parents to finish cooking, which is where quality time happens. Having an open floor space allows more room for everyone to sit, have a conversation and move around freely. Moreover, you will have more room available to place your refrigerator, stove, and other kitchen appliances. While you cook, it’s easier to bond with your family while sitting across another room.

9. Gives You a Modern Feel

People have come to love modern designs in our generation because they give off a more straightforward, clean, and minimalist aesthetic. And open floor plans have a significant contribution to the contemporary architectural feel. Modernizing a home is based on how open the common areas are. Usually larger, growing families would prefer a modern home because of the amount of space where families spend most of their time. One of the examples of the open floor plan that gives a modern feel is joining the kitchen and living room together. The easy access to natural light gives a comforting and contemporary feel when paired with huge glass windows. If a modern home is your ideal home, then an open floor plan is what you need. 

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