Create an Oasis with Professional Gardeners

Your front yard is the first thing that greets visitors who come to your home. Your backyard is a place for you to relax and enjoy the great outdoors with your family. Both spaces should be full of trees and flowers that bring you joy. Planting and tending to a garden, however, can be more complicated than you think. What starts out as an endeavour to form an oasis often ends up as pile of dirt and wilting plants. A professional, however, can get things growing well and help you maintain the garden.

The Design

When you plan your garden with a landscaper, you can mention some of your favourites. Some of these plants can be used as the base of your garden design. A landscaping specialist knows that some plants do not do well when planted near each other. You must consider the amount of water each one needs and the different amount of sunlight for each one. Proper organisation is the key to a long-lasting garden.

  • Plant in the sun or shade
  • Some plants need a lot of water, others need dry soil
  • Some plants need their own space due to fast growth


A garden cannot be planted and left without care. There are times when maintenance is necessary. Plants may need to be watered daily or trained to climb trellises. They may also need to be trimmed to fit the flower bed as they grow. For help with your yard, hire reliable landscape gardeners in Teddington.

You can enjoy your dream garden in much shorter period when you use landscaping help. A professional knows what kind of plants work in certain areas. They also know what plants to place together and which ones to separate. Enjoy your new oasis with proper landscaping help.



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