Fitted Wardrobes are Common in the UK

Fitted wardrobes are common in the UK and there’s a good reason for it. This kind of wardrobes can help you maximize the space available to you. Since fitted wardrobes can fit from one end of your room to another, you can make accommodations for clothing rails, dressers and shelves. Here’s why you should consider installing a fitted wardrobe.

Better Use of Space

While you can place objects on top of a freestanding shelf, these items will not be protected from dust, dirt and other elements in your room. When you choose a fitted wardrobe, every inch of available space in your room will be used. Fitted wardrobes can make the design of your room stand out. You can choose the length, depth and height of the wardrobe, so you will have a cleaner and more organized room. Even sloping ceilings or uneven walls can be fitted with a storage unit. Since the wardrobe fits seamlessly into the available space, there won’t be any gaps or open spaces where dust and dirt can accumulate.


Fitted wardrobes are usually made of high-quality wood products that can withstand the test of time. You will get a beautiful piece of furniture that fits your room perfectly. One of the best things about fitted wardrobes is that you can choose the wood type, color, finish and special embellishments. Some of the common wood options include cherry, beech, oak, mahogany and walnut.

Special Features

Freestanding wardrobes are nice, but they don’t have special features. Since fitted wardrobes can be customized, you can add your desired features. For instance, you can install a large mirror or add more depth so that you can easily store clothes, blankets and other important items in your fitted wardrobe. You can add shelves for folded clothes, shirts and shoes, making it easier for you to find and get what you need.

Increases Property Value

If you have plans to sell your home, installing a fitted wardrobe is a good way to increase its value. A fitted wardrobe can also attract more potential buyers and help you sell your property for a higher price.

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