Get Winter Ready by Maintaining Your Home’s Wood Front Entry Doors

When the air starts getting crisp and the leaves start to change, it spills out only one thing. Winter has arrived! What would your home’s ensemble and look be, this fall winter? Have you given a thought? People would ideally like to modify their solid wood doors either by giving it a finishing touch or by replacing them by best and cheap wood doors made from sturdy wood materials like Mahogany, Alder, pine, oak and cherry that serves the best during winters.

Undeniably, these wood doors when installed last many years longer than most other types of doors. Unlike others, wood front entry doors are built to stand the test of the time that lasts till generations to come. The truth and the best part of owning these doors is they can be repaired, winterized and customized according to changing weather and personal needs. And they are a good investment if properly maintained. Let’s see how can we get winter ready this fall and make our door stay looking fresh and new throughout the winter.

Spot The Simple Tips to Winter Proof and Maintain Your Solid Wood Doors:

  • Seal up the Exposed Cracks: Find out if there exist any cracks around the paneling, and windows. If exists then use wood putty with a small dab of wood glue. Similarly, check this thing on the flip side and repeat the same process.
  • Apply A Weather Resistant Finishing: Coat a double layer of protection by adding a weather- resistant finish over your paint or stain. You can always apply a surface finish or a penetrating finish. Surface finishes have the ability to dry on the surface of the wood and provide much stronger protection but the dull side is that they don’t give the natural look. Besides, penetrating finishes are easier to apply and also reveals the grainy touch of woods.
  • Trim Swollen Wood: Their might be chances that your wood is expanded or swollen up in the rainy season. May be there was water damage or might be possible it has absorbed excess humidity in the air. The only thing you need to do is bring some woodworking tools and trim the swollen portion that you think is expanded.
  • Install A Storm Door: Installing a wood door is undoubtedly a good thing as they are strong, but they will definitely benefit from the added layer of protection that a storm door provides.
  • Polishing: A front entry wood door is often exposed to the weather elements like scorching sunlight, rainfall, heavy winds due to which their finishing gets dull. To give it a new refreshing look all you need is a good furniture polish and a dust rag.

It’s always wise to be prepared before the things turn ugly. None of us really know what the next winter would really bring with it. With these many top-qualities solid wood doors present on online door stores in Houston that are especially crafted to last with engineered-wood cores and reinforced panels to withstand every weather and temperature conditions, why not install them this fall winter?

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