What are the Different Types of Floor Tiles

Give your house an appealing and versatile look with tile flooring. The floor in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and any other room demands more attention. A beautiful tile floor can add to the elegance of your house. Tile floors can be made up of different materials including, clay, stone, metal and quartz. Have a look at some of the most popular types of tile flooring and what are they made of:

Ceramic tile: Ceramic tile is made up of clay materials and are formed using the dry press method, extruded and slush mold methods. In the dry press method, a combination of the dry materials is pressed into a mold in high pressure. In the second method, a mixture of slightly wet materials is extruded into a mold while in the slush mold method extremely we materials are poured in a mold, pressed and hardened using very high temperature.

Porcelain tiles: These tiles are very strong and nonporous in nature. Porcelain is mostly unglazed and comes in a polished, textured and natural finish. However, porcelain tiles are also available with a glaze that is available in a gloss, matt or textured finish. For floors, polished porcelain tiles are an ideal choice. If you want tiles with unique and beautiful prints you can get them printed traditionally during the firing process or later using digital printers.

Natural stone: Natural stone tiles are made up of natural materials like granite, marble, limestone and slate. Granite is ideally used in kitchen floors because it is impervious and can resist scratching. If you want to use marble in the kitchen floor you have to ensure that it is honed and sealed regularly. Limestone is also not recommended for kitchen floors because it is more prone to scratches and stains. Slate can be used in kitchens and other high traffic areas and is highly durable.

Metal tiles: Metal tiles are either entirely made up of metal or of materials that have a metal plating. These tiles are known for their visual effects and but the only drawback is that they may get worn out over time.

Mosaic: These tiles are mostly used to improve the design of a space. Although these come in different shapes and sizes, most commonly they are available in small square shapes. The benefits of installing these tiles are that they do not chip easily and they can also resist moisture and stains.


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