Give your home a makeover with these 2021 interior design trends

As we bid farewell to the tumultuous year that was 2020, plenty of Aussies are looking for ways to refresh and revamp their home. It’s a tangible approach towards expunging any bad vibes from the year before and embracing our new ways of living post-working-from-home. 

Whether you wish to tackle design projects on your own or enlist the expertise of a team of home interior designers on the Gold Coast, it can pay to know what will be trending over the coming year. 

Here’s a quick glimpse for a pinch of inspo. 

Go au natural

After spending periods of time stuck indoors thanks to lockdown, many people have cultivated a new appreciation for the outdoors. As such, interior design experts predict that natural and earthy textures and tones will be permeating our homes in 2021. 

Gone are the days of grey-soaked Scandi minimalist styles; instead, rich hues of green, brown, and beige are set to take over our interior spaces, accented by materials that showcase natural movements and rough textures.

Opt for calm over clutter and chaos

Another ripple effect from 2020 is the newfound urge to instill tranquility in the home, making it a place where one can switch off from any kind of bedlam. While natural forms, colors and aesthetics can play a big part in creating comforting tones and textures, soft lighting and tablescaping is also a key way to induce a sense of homeliness.

Herein, ornate lamps that cast warming glows are key, in addition to dressed up dining tables that beckon guests to sit down and settle in. (That’s right, time to tidy up the piles of paperwork cluttering your table and throw down a luxe tablecloth, some greenery, and a few scented candles.) 

Replace old furniture with sleek vintage pieces

While on the topic of homely vibes, vintage styles are making their way back into the home – but in a subtle way. Think tan leather armchairs with simple lines, or mid-century timber dining tables. The idea is to evoke the sense of pared-back livability by taking a ‘less is more’ approach. 

Check out your local op shop for one-of-a-kind pieces that add a tinge of character without overwhelming your space. The goal is to recreate a hint of a Mad Men feel, not your granny’s house.

Make your spaces multifunctional 

Despite many people having now returned to the office, the working-from-home lifestyle has not been completely eradicated. If anything, we’re likely to see an upwards trend of employees doing some days onsite, others at home. As such, adaptable layouts are a smart new trend that gives the home a sense of multipurpose without business and leisure bleeding into one another. 

The idea is to create mini zones within larger spaces. Traditional open-plan spaces can be divided up using sliding and pocket doors (or screens for a more budget-friendly option), thus turning a living room into a partial home office, or an unused nook into a sanctioned reading corner. 

Take a mindful approach towards your décor

With so many local businesses being hit hard by Covid-19, we’re now seeing an increased sense of community-mindedness when it comes to our purchasing habits. 

To help support independent shops and suppliers, get to know your local boutiques better or hunt down a few interior designers you like the look of on Instagram. It’s about investing in quality artworks and accessories that give back to our communities, rather than feeding big conglomerates.


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