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Office Interior Design
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Interior Design Ideas To Transform Your Office Space

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Since the beginning of the pandemic office interiors and workplace styles have changed significantly. Functionality, efficiency, and comfort have become a priority in a corporate setup. The current trends in office design and interior now focus on comfort and safety. The goal is to maintain a happy and healthy working environment that improves productivity. Here are some important considerations that will define workplaces design.

Blending the Comfort of Home into Office Environment

Comfort has become the top priority for office interior 2022 trends. Warm lighting and indoor plants are being given preference, along with comfortable sofas and chairs. Wood flooring with stylish rugs brings in warmth and creates a relaxed environment.

Sustainability to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

More and more offices are opting for environment friendly furniture and decorative elements, keeping in mind conservation of natural resources. LED lights, increased natural lighting, and greenery encourage efficiency in workplace, improves oxygen and air flow, and harmful toxins from carpets and furniture.

Lighter & Neutral Colors for Home-like Vibes

Off-white, beige, and tans remain the colors of choice by most interior designers. If you’ve availed professional office renovation services then you’ll most likely be recommended to take your pick from light color palette, matching light wood looks with a pop of colors on the walls or upholstery. Most companies incorporate the colors of their logo into the décor, so its best to choose a neutral shade that’ll go with any contrasting shade.

Acoustics & Noise Reduction Solutions

In open office concept noise is inevitable. Office renovation companies like WOODGreen Company Alqouz Dubai provide quality acoustics installations and materials that reduce noise considerably. Introduce acoustic features in interior design like panels, screens, artwork, and ceiling rafts that absorb noise.

Flexible Workspace Design

Another popular concept in office interior design, flexible workplace environment ensures more productivity and allows employees to work in a relaxed and efficient manner. Comfortable lounges, and activity-based desks support collaboration and allows teams to work together in an open space. Vending machines and snack corners are also interesting additions.

Protected Workspace with Partitions

Most companies are still conscious because of COVID and prefer social distancing. While it’s not completely possible to be isolated in a workplace, design led options like glass cubicles, wooden partitions, and screens not just provide safety but also privacy.

Natural Light to Incorporate Elements of Nature

More and more interior designers are focusing on bringing natural light inside the offices. Bigger windows, installing skylights, and glass panels instead of walls have become a popular choice in office interiors. Use diffused light and install artificial lighting that resembles natural light.

It’s best to hire a professional interior designer or office renovator who can help identify the areas that need to be improved in your office.

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Give your home a makeover with these 2021 interior design trends

As we bid farewell to the tumultuous year that was 2020, plenty of Aussies are looking for ways to refresh and revamp their home. It’s a tangible approach towards expunging any bad vibes from the year before and embracing our new ways of living post-working-from-home.

Whether you wish to tackle design projects on your own or enlist the expertise of a team of home interior designers on the Gold Coast, it can pay to know what will be trending over the coming year.

Here’s a quick glimpse for a pinch of inspo.

Go au natural

After spending periods of time stuck indoors thanks to lockdown, many people have cultivated a new appreciation for the outdoors. As such, interior design experts predict that natural and earthy textures and tones will be permeating our homes in 2021.

Gone are the days of grey-soaked Scandi minimalist styles; instead, rich hues of green, brown, and beige are set to take over our interior spaces, accented by materials that showcase natural movements and rough textures.

Opt for calm over clutter and chaos

Another ripple effect from 2020 is the newfound urge to instill tranquility in the home, making it a place where one can switch off from any kind of bedlam. While natural forms, colors and aesthetics can play a big part in creating comforting tones and textures, soft lighting and tablescaping is also a key way to induce a sense of homeliness.

Herein, ornate lamps that cast warming glows are key, in addition to dressed up dining tables that beckon guests to sit down and settle in. (That’s right, time to tidy up the piles of paperwork cluttering your table and throw down a luxe tablecloth, some greenery, and a few scented candles.)

Replace old furniture with sleek vintage pieces

While on the topic of homely vibes, vintage styles are making their way back into the home – but in a subtle way. Think tan leather armchairs with simple lines, or mid-century timber dining tables. The idea is to evoke the sense of pared-back livability by taking a ‘less is more’ approach.

Check out your local op shop for one-of-a-kind pieces that add a tinge of character without overwhelming your space. The goal is to recreate a hint of a Mad Men feel, not your granny’s house.

Make your spaces multifunctional

Despite many people having now returned to the office, the working-from-home lifestyle has not been completely eradicated. If anything, we’re likely to see an upwards trend of employees doing some days onsite, others at home. As such, adaptable layouts are a smart new trend that gives the home a sense of multipurpose without business and leisure bleeding into one another.

The idea is to create mini zones within larger spaces. Traditional open-plan spaces can be divided up using sliding and pocket doors (or screens for a more budget-friendly option), thus turning a living room into a partial home office, or an unused nook into a sanctioned reading corner.

Take a mindful approach towards your décor

With so many local businesses being hit hard by Covid-19, we’re now seeing an increased sense of community-mindedness when it comes to our purchasing habits.

To help support independent shops and suppliers, get to know your local boutiques better or hunt down a few interior designers you like the look of on Instagram. It’s about investing in quality artworks and accessories that give back to our communities, rather than feeding big conglomerates.

Interior Design For Beginners Why The Kitchen Is The Most Important Room In Your Home
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Interior Design For Beginners Why The Kitchen Is The Most Important Room In Your Home

A home without a kitchen can’t be accepted as a home. In fact, the kitchen is the most important room in the entire home. Many debates have come up covering the sentence. People are considering trendy remodelling ideas of Metod kitchen furnishings to suit the needs of today’s lifestyle.

To convey it to the beginners considering the interior designing, the kitchen deserves a flawless transformation as it makes the statement about the lifestyle.

  1. In many homes, the family members gather and have important discussions and amusements in the comfortable sitting area in the kitchen. Even, the storage areas double up as working units. Kitchen has gradually evolved as the central part of the modern day lifestyle.

Hence, you must opt for exclusive Metod kitchen furnishings for your home. The ace designers are improvising on the island bench that emerges as the centre of activity as children can do homework, or the working member can concentrate on the laptop while the meals are being prepared simultaneously.

  1. The current days are experiencing kitchen as the chosen place of getting together. Friends are gathering with glasses of favourite beverages, parties are happening surrounding the modular kitchen as the pivotal point, game of cards is being played on the dining table, etc.

Thus, designing a particular zone with the Metod kitchen furnishings for your home has become vital. Not only the tools and appliances for preparing food but also the storage areas, seating sites, floors, walls, ceilings, etc. are looked after. Without a perfect utility kitchen, a home can be felt without direction.

  1. Another reason why the kitchen has become the most important room in your home is dictated in terms of functionality. Kitchen has evolved as one of the most eco-friendly zones of the entire home. Owing to the smart devices, fuel techniques, energy-saving mechanisms, etc.; the contribution towards the efficiency can’t be denied.

The Metod kitchen furnishings for your home should be integrated keeping the multitude of flows and the several work purposes in mind. The use of the kitchen must prevail in your mind so that it can convert from the earlier leftover space to a truly defined place that can be used for multiple grounds.

  1. The Metod kitchen furnishings must able to optimise the performance along with minimising the expenditure of the various pieces. No appliance should be placed in an improper manner. The building parameters must be followed embracing the manufacturing logic.
  2. Today’s kitchen is eyed upon for the reselling purposes also. The location and the functionality are considered as the most important key by the realtors. A good sized productive kitchen can really fetch the best rate.
  3. The kitchen can be called as the heart of your home. It is the place where the food is made. Over the passing decades, kitchens have been turning into living cum cooking spaces as people have started spending more time doing other works along with the cooking.

Hence, the Metod kitchen furnishings for your home should be designed giving importance to the structure of living areas. The kitchens are now opening up to other rooms and becoming larger than before accommodating family and guests for entertainment and professional workable justification.

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Common mistakes in interior design

Interior design is not something you wake up one day and begin to do. It involves a lot of planning, budgeting, and realignment of a few things to achieve the aesthetics intended. It’s such a critical undertaking and that is why many people make mistakes.

These are some of the mistakes that you could make in doing interior design and how to avoid them

Having no plan

Surprisingly, many people begin their design work without a plan. This has led to many disappointments and something you must avoid. Do some research online get a color palette that you like and check out for some patterns and styles that would get your heart racing. Get fabrics, colors and bring them on a mood board. Play around with the mixes until you achieve a desirable look. Ensure the mood board is cohesive, visually exciting and balanced.

Choosing paint before other fixtures

Imagine having to get furniture and other things that are in tandem with the color of the wall. It can be a daunting task and ultimately, you may not be able to match everything. Get the furniture in place and every other thing that you need. Depending on the colors you’ve chosen, it would be easy to get a color for the walls and the ceiling.

Ignoring dimensions

Having the exact dimensions for the entire space guides you in purchasing fixtures that are fitting and therefore avoid wastage. This is a mistake commonly done by nonprofessionals- They want to buy everything even without caring for the available space and end up making purchases most of which turn obsolete. Let a retail space design professional do the work for you and this would save you time and money.

You’ll achieve so many things by engaging a professional interior designer. It involves some cost though, but it’s an investment that worthwhile and would give you value for money.

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3 Great Benefits Of Hiring An Interior Designer

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When you make the biggest investment of your life and invest in a home or business property, you have made a huge financial commitment and so, it doesn’t make sense to stop there and scrimp on the interior design of your home or premises. You need to protect your investment and improve upon it and you can do this, by hiring a professional interior designer. Many people think that interior design is something that they can do themselves, after all, you are just putting your ideas into your home or business, and changing your dreams to reality. However, it is not that straightforward and you will find something that you thought would be easy, turning into something that is very hard. There are benefits to hiring an interior designer and we will look at some of them here.

  1. Better Colour Combinations – Many people when painting the inside of their home or business are a little scared to experiment, and end up choosing all the regular colours, that you see inside any building. They always choose generic colour combinations that are safe, but don’t add anything to the room, except drabness and blandness. By hiring an interior design company in Tunbridge Wells, you will get a designer who is not afraid to try new things, and they will combine your colours better, to create a room that is more appealing and appears bigger. You then get an interior, that is quite unique and catches the eye of everyone entering.
  2. Reduces Stress – Changing your dream interior into reality can be extremely stressful. There is so much to do, and it seems, so little time to do it in. If you are trying to do this by yourself, then you are dealing with the contractor, the carpenter, the suppliers and the delivery people, and if even one of them lets you down, then this creates a domino effect that can be devastating. You are probably trying to run a business and take care of your family, and adding interior design to your list is just taking on too much. When you avail yourself of the services of an interior designer, all that stress is passed on to someone who doing this regularly, and can easily handle difficult situations.
  3. Outside The Box – Interior designers have a great eye for detail and when they are coming up with ideas for the inside of your home or business, they are always thinking outside the box. Conformity is not in their vocabulary and their sole purpose is to provide you with an interior design experience that is fresh, new and beautiful. When they look at an item like furniture, they are not just looking at it because it is pretty. They are looking at its dimensions, its colour, its shape and trying to figure out, does it match what you want and does in blend into all the aspects of the room.

If you hire the right interior designer for the job, they will help you to get the dream look that you always envisaged, but could never put into practice. Look into hiring an interior designer, you will not be disappointed.

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Most Popular Sectional Sofa Styles And Designs This 2019

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Are you currently looking around for a sectional sofa but you are not familiar with them yet? You might have heard them from your friends or from your interior designer but you are not aware which types can you consider. There are different sectional sofas for you to choose from, even at online furniture shops like So let us go ahead and take a look at the best picks this 2019.

What Is A Sectional Sofa?

At 1StopBedrooms, sectional sofas are their most popular. A sectional sofa is a collection of independent pieces that you can arrange in different ways. Sectional sofas vary in shapes, styles, and sizes. There are different designs in the market for buyers to choose from. Manufacturers make sure that each design can cater to the diverse needs of the buyer.

Most Popular Sectional Sofas

For your modern home, you would also want a sectional sofa that would fit your interior design. Since there is a wide range of sectional sofas to choose from, here are some of the most popular ones when you choose to buy sectional sofa for your home:

  • This is a type of sectional sofa that only consists of one or two pieces of furniture. Even if you choose to have a one-seater or a two-seater, it will still come in two different types. It is designed with or without arm support. But most buyers prefer a loveseat that comes with arm support because of its comfort and coziness.
  • This is the most practica sectional sofa design. It can help enhance the space and is a perfect choice if you have gatherings. You can accommodate as many guests that the sofa can accommodate without them getting stuck with each other. This type of sofa can easily fit the corner area of your room. Since most of them are adjustable, you can easily take them apart and move them around.
  • This type of sectional sofa is one of the best on this list. It is a multitasker and many homeowners love it. It can be used as a sofa but it has a bonus folding bed with it. This is a perfect option if you do not have enough space for an additional bed in your home yet you always have guests that sleepover.
  • This is the best option for houses with contemporary or modern style. This is the type of sectional sofa that you can arrange according to your liking. Modular sectional sofas come with three to five sectional pieces. You can use them individually or it can be arranged together and use them as a single piece of furniture. In fact, some of its pieces can be used as a stand-alone piece.
  • Having problems with back pain? Then you should have a recliner sectional sofa. Each chair on this sofa transforms into a complete reclined space which is best for your back pain. One of them can do so much more than the others. This type is also the most desirable for family rooms or for movie rooms.

So why buy a sectional sofa? Well, the benefits that it brings are enough for you to pick it on your next furniture hunt. They are probably the most versatile sofa available for you. They are easy to maintain and cost-effective too. So what are you waiting for? Check out your sectional sofa options today!

Home Gym
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Designing a Home Gym and Making It Aesthetically Pleasing

We live in a time when our homes need to be everything to us. It needs to be the perfect place to work, rest, play, eat, and stay fit. There is no denying that investing in our homes is one of the smartest financial strategies we can do for ourselves and our families. When our homes are beautiful and comfortable, they increase in value, and it makes us and the members of our families grow healthy and productive, too.

One of the best places in your home that you can invest in is your gym. Since public gyms were considered non-essential services at the height of the pandemic, we never know when we might lose our gym privileges if a new pandemic comes along. A home gym can be your saving grace if lockdowns take place again. 

And here’s the best part: Designing your home gym means you can incorporate equipment and installments that you will genuinely use, and you can make it pretty as well. There’s no reason why your home gym can’t look straight out of Pinterest. Here are some tips for designing a pretty and aesthetically pleasing home gym.

Follow basic interior design rules

Just because home gyms need to be functional, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics altogether. The same basic rules for other areas in your home apply, and here are some keywords you need to remember when trying to decide on the layout, design, look, and feel of your home gym:

  • Balance, which is all about creating a sense of equilibrium in the space
  • Rhythm, which means there must be a pattern or repetitiveness in your space, and this can be achieved by providing a common thread through color, material, or texture
  • Harmony, which is all about ensuring that all the various design elements come together harmoniously, even if they may be different
  • An emphasis which says that your gym needs to have a focal point upon which every other layout decision is made
  • Scale and proportion, which is all about ensuring that the ratio between the sizes of different areas make sense and that all the different elements are perfectly to scale

If you have a good sense of what makes a space feel balanced, you only need to apply that same sense to your home gym. Don’t sacrifice look and atmosphere for function!

Hire tried-and-tested contractors and specialists

When looking for contractors or construction experts to work with, take a gander at their portfolio and ask for reviews from clients they have worked for in the past. You can also consider working with companies whose primary service is sports court surfacing, especially if there is a specific sport you want to master or use as your daily exercise. These contractors are well-versed in what looks good and the kind of materials that are safest and most durable.

Use exposed beams

It doesn’t matter how high your ceiling is (unless it’s super-low)—exposed beams can make your home gym look even more remarkable. Here are some aesthetic benefits of exposed beams:

  • They draw up the eyes, which makes your home gym look bigger than it is.
  • Concrete and big windows tend to make a room feel cold and detached, so exposed beams made of warm-toned wood can go a long way in adding coziness and intimacy to the gym.
  • It’s a big design statement that doesn’t take up any square footage from your home gym.

Let natural light in

There’s a reason why big windows and natural light are some of the most sought-after features in residential property. They immediately make a space look good. Have you ever noticed how photographers prefer natural light over studio or artificial lighting? It’s because the light from the sun adds a warm glow to a space that no fixture can fully replicate. If your home gym has windows, make sure any piece of equipment or furniture does not block it.

You can even take it a step further by placing your home gym in a casita or a separate suite in your house, which can allow you to extend the indoors and the outdoors. Wall-to-wall glass panels will allow as much natural light as possible, but if you also have plenty of greenery surrounding your property, it will feel like you’re working out in paradise or a scenic forest.

When designing your home gym, you don’t need to scrimp on design. Make it as stunning as possible and allow this aesthetic value to encourage you and your family to work out every day.

Interior Lighting Ideas for Your Home
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10 Beautiful Interior Lighting Ideas for Your Home

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Is it finally time to see your home in a new light?

There are many home decor ideas that can bring a fresh look and vibe into your home. You can paint, rearrange the furniture, or replace the cabinets. One of the most effective ways to boost your home’s overall appearance, however, is by redoing your interior lighting.

The difference between good interior lighting and bad interior lighting is huge. A poorly lit interior can leave your home feeling cold and unwelcoming, while good interior lighting can highlight the best features of your home.

In this post, we’re going to look at 10 amazing interior lighting ideas that’ll not only brighten your home but brighten the people inside it as well. You’re going to have dozens of lighting options, which can get a bit overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you want. Use this guide as inspiration to figure out what’s going to work best in your home.

  1. Ambient Lighting for Mood

One of the most important things that we always tell people about interior lighting is that you need variety to control the ambiance. Having different lighting options for different moods is crucial because some of your rooms are going to have multiple uses.

For instance, your dining room may need brighter lighting for a lively family dinner, but more subtle lighting when you’re sitting around the table having drinks with friends. The same goes for your living room; when you’re playing games, you need more lighting, but when you’re watching a movie, the lights need to come down.

Using dimmer switches, wall lights, and lamps can help you control the mood you want for a given situation.

  1. Accent Lighting to Bring Focus

Another good general tip is to use accent or directional lighting to bring focus to the particular areas of a room that you want to highlight. Whether it’s a wall sconce to highlight a particular piece of art you have hanging or track lighting to highlight an entryway or hall, you can powerfully guide people’s attention wherever you want it to go.

You can create accent lighting with various types of lamps and/or fixtures, as long as they don’t overpower the part of the room you’re trying to accent. Find loads of options from Le Klint on this website.

  1. Floor Lamps As an Affordable Solution

Not only are floor lamps versatile in allowing you to create ambient and accent lighting, but they’re also an affordable solution to any lighting conundrum. They come in all shapes and sizes and they’re easy to find room for, so you can really let your personality shine through with this type of lighting.

There are loads of great designers making really cool floor lamps, but an antique route is always a good option as well.

  1. Wall Sconces For a Subtle Approach

Use wall sconces on your living room walls to create really subtle and elegant lighting textures. Again, you can get sconces to fit any style and they’re really easy to install, so it’s a simple way to give your room a certain something.

Sconces are also a good option for lighting hallways and softly lighting above the bed for nighttime reading.

  1. Oversize Lights to Make a Statement

We’ve talked a lot about the amazing effects you can achieve with lots of subtle lighting, but there’s something to be said for making a statement as well. Chandeliers are still a great way to bring light to an entire room, while making your guests look up to admire the artistry of the fixture itself.

Installing a chandelier can be a bit pricey, but you can achieve a similar – albeit more subdued – effect with a nice oversized lamp tucked into a corner. This can be really helpful when you’re tight on space and low on light.

  1. The Moroccan Touch

Moroccan-tinged interior design has been all the rage over the last few years, but you don’t need to have Moroccan decor to get yourself a perforated Moroccan lantern for your room. These fixtures can either be a standalone lamp or chandelier style, but whichever you choose, you’ll want to make it a feature piece.

Not only are they beautiful by themselves, but the perforations in the metal, when lit up, will send incredible patterns of light dancing across your ceiling and walls.

  1. Colorful Lighting Is Playful Yet Elegant

Bright whites and soft yellows are usually what we see in interior lighting, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. You can create a really interesting atmosphere by utilizing different colors, whether it’s coming directly from the light or a toned sconce or shade.

Obviously, this shouldn’t be overdone, but when you’ve got a room centered around a specific color scheme, completing the look with matching lights can take it over the top and create something really unique.

  1. Mixing Old and New

Gone is the rule that you shouldn’t mix old design features with new ones and vice versa. If you’ve got a room that looks particularly modern in design, it can be really effective to add an antique lighting fixture to the mix.

Conversely, if the home itself is old with a lot of antique features built-in, then a really modern looking lamp, chair, and table set can provide it with extra depth.

  1. Letting the Natural Light In

Lighting isn’t always about adding the artificial stuff, though it is important. You can keep your room(s) laid back with subtle lighting features to use at night, while letting the natural light do the work during the day.

Yes, adding windows or a skylight to a room might seem like a lot of work, but nothing beats natural light. By doing so, you’ll also be  more eco-friendly by saving your artificial light for the nighttime.

  1. Making It Practical

Your lights shouldn’t just make your home look good, they should also make your home more practical. This is most obviously true in the kitchen, where soft mood lighting is nice, but doesn’t do you many favors when you’re chopping vegetables and assembling meals.

Under cabinet lighting – rather than having a few bright overhead lights that can be unpleasant and create shadow – is really helpful for brightening your countertops. Practical lighting at its finest!

Choosing Between Interior Lighting Ideas

Now that you’ve got a few interior lighting ideas to choose from, you can take stock of the lighting in your home and choose the best ones for you. Lighting is an oft-overlooked part of interior design, but improving your lighting situation has practical benefits too. It’s time to let the light into your life.

Did you find this post helpful? Come back again for more real estate and home design tips.

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Plan and Design Our Dream Home

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We are all dreaming of having our own home. It is a dream that started when we were young. As we grow older, our dream turns to a goal, wherein we are beginning to work for it. As we go deep into the picture of our dream home, every detail should be considered. Some of the things that we will be considering are:

  • The land where you will be building your home.
  • It is the utmost consideration of people when we are still trying to see a property that is for sale. Then, we will check the constraints and the condition of the soil. In checking this, engineers are the professionals that can help us assess and accurately check the condition in choosing the land where we will be building our home.
  • The locations of each area of your home.
  • Once we have found a land already, planning the location of each room or area inside of our home is essential. We should consider where the street is, where the sun will be rising, and many more other considerations that may affect later once we have already built our home and divided the areas inside of it. Some of the essential areas of your home that needs to be considered are:
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen room
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Guest room
  • Game room
  • The overall design should be planned for our family.
  • We are all driven by our dreams to have a home for our family. Also, it is the reason why we should plan the overall design of it for them too. We should assess the needs and wants of the family to have a concrete plan.

These are just some of the considerations that we will be initially planning. But once we have decided and ready already, there are more underlying considerations that should be addressed first before building our dream home. It is really exciting when we know that one of our dreams is getting nearer to happen already.

Most of us are excited about the planning stage of designing our own place, wherein we will be thinking of what we want also. Many people consider the furniture as a high factor in designing our home. It plays a vital role in the day-to-day routine of humans. It simply supports human activities and determines the function based on what piece of furniture will be needing. Aside from the needs of these things, people also consider it as the interior design of the home.

In planning and designing our home, we consider having modern and contemporary furniture to be included in the exterior and interior design of it. It will add decoration and elegance to the overall picture of our home, especially when we have visitors or families from other places. It is why we must choose the best furniture today so that we will achieve the design that we want for our home

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How to Use Basic Design Principles to Decorate Your Home

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Nobody wants to be surrounded by plain walls without a hint of some décor. Even people who don’t have the skills will try and put things together to add some taste to their homes. While we’ve got people who are decorators and designers by nature, most of us need to learn some basic decoration designs and principles that can make our homes look presentable. These techniques are so simple that even if you don’t have a decorator’s eye, you’ll be able to come up with a décor that matches that of a professional.

Here are decorating rules and principles that will see you transform your home into a beautiful place.

  1. Find The Focal Point Of Your Room

While most rooms may just have well built-in focal points, some rooms may need you to create a focal point by yourself. For the décor to be well-defined, you must always identify this part of the room. When you walk into a room, your eyes will naturally be drawn to this point, and that’s why everything around it should add some value. All the décor begins from this point, and this means that you must first identify it before beginning the decoration. For instance, a baby furniture strategically placed in your bedroom can be a focal point of the room if you have a baby. If you need one, you can get a baby furniture packages online to design a focal point for your bedroom.

  1. Know Basic Measurement Rules

When it comes to arranging furniture or hanging your curtains, you should adhere to some measurement guidelines. While you could just use your eyes to approximate where to place different furniture, applying some measurements specifically for decoration will give your room a better look. Like there’s a specific distance you should maintain between coffee tables and sofas, hanging art and the floor, or even your TV and your sofas. Applying this will help you achieve some symmetry.

  1. The Rule Of Odd Numbers

Applying the rule of odd numbers as the base of your design creates a harmonized décor for your house. When objects are arranged in groups of odd numbers say three, five or even seven, they tend to look more appealing. The most commonly used odd number arrangement is the rule of three. It can be applied in getting flower vases organized on a table or even flower pots placed in a certain corner in the room. If you’ve got no idea how to arrange items in your room, you can follow this rule.

  1. Adding Different Layers Of Lighting

If you get it right with your lighting, then you’ll not struggle to decorate your room. To be sure of your lighting, you should learn the three basic types of lighting which are: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient generally lights the room, the task is meant to light a particular task, whereas the accent is meant to highlight a particular point. Having all these lightings proportionally placed in the room will give it a unique dimension. For better balancing, you can have ambient lighting in most of the rooms.

Designing your home isn’t only restricted to the interior; you can also work on your exterior design by getting the best garage door brands for your garage. Moreover, you can add some paint to your walls to give your home a fresh look.