How to attract wildlife to your garden

There can be great joy gained from your garden. It is a place where you can breathe in the fresh air, sit and watch the birds and the flying insects buzzing about in a constant state of purpose, energy, and enthusiasm. When we plant new plants, it is fun to watch them grow and as spring comes, we experience the joy of the greenery busting out into spring bloom filled with bright colours. Our garden is a place where we can go to have a tiny moment to ourselves, to relax and unwind, have thoughts to ourselves and soak up the natural light. It can also be a place where we socialise with friends or have a picnic with our family. There is so much to offer by having a garden filled with life. Here are some ideas on how you can attract wildlife to your garden.

Green grass

While mowing the lawn can be a mission that you don’t always feel like doing, it is far better than paving over the precious space you must bring life. Find turf laying Sydney people who you can buy lawn from. Ask them for recommendations on what grass to use for your particular type of soil and your climate. They may even have garden service companies that they can recommend that you use if they don’t already offer that service themselves.

Add a birdbath

A birdbath is such a fun item to have in your garden. The birds love having a place to frolic in the water and have their cleaning and preening time. It is lovely watching them interact with each other, take turns, chase each other around and flitter off again.

Bird feeders

To encourage birds to come to your garden, have something good to entice them with. If you have a bird feeder regularly filled with yummy seeds, the birds will soon become regular visitors. Have a bird table where you can throw away bread crumbs and put out some fruit. You can even start becoming familiar with the birds in your garden, seeing the same ones on an almost daily basis. Keep a logbook of the different bird species that you’ve identified.

Trees and indigenous plants

By having trees and indigenous plants, not only will you have the birds coming to enjoy the trees, but the insects, butterflies, and dragonflies will start populating your garden which then brings in even more birdlife. When you go to the local nursery to buy plants for your garden, ask them for advice on what indigenous plants to buy and what plants the birds and insects love.

Natural water

Have a pond for frogs and water life to live. Natural water encourages birds to hang around more and you might find some less common garden birds coming to visit, like herons, ducks or geese. Use rainwater to fill up the pool and be careful that you don’t have any insecticides or chemicals poison this water source.

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