How to Select a Great Office or Computer Desk

Choosing the perfect type of desk for your home office is certainly of the uttermost importance. And with just a little consideration and planning, you can find the perfect desk, which will make your workspace that much more work friendly and the time you spend there that much more enjoyable.

Comfortable desks have already been proven in surveys to be more beneficial to work performance and with the right desk, you will be more organised and avoid those unsightly printer and fax cables tangling across your workspace

Today the Choice Has Never Been Easier

  • From metallic to white bench desks, the selection is the best ever, so make sure to choose carefully where you’re going to put your desk.
  • Take a look around the room prior to setting up your new home office.
  • Your desk will need easy access to electrical outlets and an easy Internet connection, so plan carefully.
  • Don’t block any heating or cooling vents, high pedestrian traffic areas and windows.
  • After choosing the ideal location, get a tape measure and see how much space you can afford to let you know how big the new desk can be.

All Types for Every Space

Consider what you will and won’t be putting on your desk and try sticking by it. If you’re going to place a keyboard, printer, monitor and mouse all on the one surface, then you’re going to need a desk with plenty of space.

  • If you are going to use the top of your new desk as a writing surface, or think you’ll need extra space, you might want to think about something like an L-shaped desk or something similar.
  • Trending at the moment are white bench desks from Andrews Office Furniture, do yourself a favour and check them out.

If you have minimal space, then consider a desk with shelves so you can put your computer or printer underneath the desk’s surface. And if you’re looking for a simple place to just surf the Internet, then a basic workstation desk should be just fine.

Those Personal Touches

It may be a good idea to look at investing in a desk, which comes with drawers and cabinets for some extra storage, for things like computer or work related manuals, plus extra printer paper is always looking for a place to be placed.

  • Select your very own personal style and colour, as it will more than likely be you who will be spending most of the time in those surroundings.

From the basic workstation to a large and spacious corner desk, to a corner desk bank of four to glass-top and wood, these days you now have so many desk options to select from. After deciding on which style it is that suits you and your needs, get it over to your home and in place and there it is, a beautiful home office space!

May your home office space look great!

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