How to Store as Much as Possible in Your Storage Space

When you hire a storage space from a removals company, you want to hire a storage space that is large enough to fit everything you need. However, you don’t want it to be so large that there is wasted space left over. Since you are paying for a certain amount of square footage, wasted space is wasted money. There are ways to reduce the amount of money you waste on your storage space. You need to use several techniques to maximise the amount of items that you can fit in a storage space.

Space-Saving Techniques

When you hire a London removals company to store your items, you’ll have several ways to maximise the use of that space.

  • Use boxes that are a standard size and shape; square or rectangular boxes will fit together better than oddly-shaped boxes.
  • Since the space will most likely be square or rectangular, storing the items in square boxes will help you use all of the possible space you can.
  • Buy sturdy boxes so that you can stack them on top of each other.
  • Start with large heavy items on the bottom and work your way up to smaller items on top.

Leave Lanes

You should also make sure that you leave a lane or two to walk between when you are putting items in the storage space. As you are loading up the storage space, you want to be able to stack things as high as possible and fit them into every corner. However, that means you’ll need to leave walking lanes through your items.

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