Oriental home décor styling tips

Thinking about giving your home a new style? Why not consider something Oriental? Oriental décor designs bring a sense of peace, elegance and coziness with them. This combination can’t be found in any other style of decoration, and is a great choice for any home. In order to help you achieve this style of décor, we have put together a list of Oriental home décor styling tips. We hope you find it helpful, and consider an Oriental design for your home.


One easy way to achieve Oriental home décor is to be minimalistic. Minimalistic decorations, sleek symmetry, clean and straight lines. These are a great way to bring Oriental design into a contemporary home without drastic changes in color or furniture. But, remember, it is also important to balance style and comfort when designing your home. Minimalism is a great way to achieve both comfort and elegance in your home, as it focuses on avoiding a cluttered space. Of course, minimalism isn’t the only way to bring Oriental design into your home.

Minimalistic design brings elegance into your space, without sacrificing comfort.

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Colors and accents

There is a common misunderstanding about Oriental styles: that they rely on rich and vibrant colors. While it is true that Oriental designs feature rich and vibrant colors, they feature a calm, neutral setting for their main colors, and only use vibrant hues to bring accents and round out the look. So, try to avoid too many vibrant colors, and instead rely on cooler and more neutral colors when considering the coloring of your home.

Oriental furniture

When deciding on which furniture you should use, using genuine Oriental furniture is typically the best choice. The closer your furniture fits with the old Oriental styles, the better. Also, your furniture should generally blend in with the background color of the room you are designing. Keeping your furniture low, cozy and relaxing is a great way to go about it. Also, opting for wooden furniture or pieces made of mattresses is another idea. Just remember, when buying Oriental furniture, you should only buy from trusted companies and consider having your items delivered by air freight. On top of that, be sure to look for companies which can ensure the quick delivery of items.

Comfortable furniture is a great choice for your décor.

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Water features

Adding some small water features in your main living area, or your backyard, is a great way to usher in Oriental styles into your home. After all, the sound of flowing water brings a sense of peace to any space. These features don’t have to be big or extravagant, so one or two small ones is enough to bring a sense of peace and positivity into your space. Alternatively, if you want the addition of a more extravagant water feature, they can also double as sculptural installations. Something like this can easily serve as the center point of a room.


Lighting is an important part of any décor style. This is even more important in Oriental styles. Illumination is a big part of Oriental culture, and your design should reflect this as well. If you want to go for a traditional look, paper lanterns are an inexpensive way to way to bring good lighting into your home. Alternatively, sculptural lighting is a great way to bring radiance into your home. But, at the end of the day, as long as the lighting is beautiful, and fits with the style of your home, it will do the job well.

Good lighting is a big part of any décor style.

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Ornamental wind bells

Another part of Oriental home décor are wind bells. Keep in mind that your ornamental bells should primarily serve as ornaments, and they don’t necessarily have to make any noise. These bells don’t have to be particularly big, and you can easily find both small and big ones to fit almost any style. As such, they are easy to incorporate into interior design. Or, if you don’t want to fuss too much, you can always place a larger bell near your front door.

Incorporate nature in your design

A great addition to any interior design, Oriental or not, are plants. Flowers vases, potted plants and shrubs are a good way to incorporate nature into your design without getting in the way of your style. These plants should be placed in obvious positions within your home. The more visible they are, the better. On top of that, having nature as part of your décor is a great way to achieve a timeless stylein your home

Balance and harmony in the style

An important part of creating an Oriental décor style is creating harmony and balance in every detail. Every decision about color, textures, individual elements and so on should be made while considering how it will affect the whole. They should all fit and blend together well. The furniture, artworks and smaller decorations should all share a common theme or be connected in some way. This is another reason why cooler colors are a great choice: they blend with almost anything easily.

Fuse different styles

Oriental designs are famous for a simple reason: they are never boring. This is because they give a lot of freedom and opportunities to incorporate your own preferences and test your creativity. Moreover, you can choose a few different styles and mix them together. As long as the final design suits you and your preferences, that’s great. You could try to mix a minimalistic design with a design that focused more on grandeur and still end up with something beautiful. However, if you choose to do this, you should try to find quality pieces to fit into your design. Experts from Four Winds KSAalso note that you should take care to hire reliable delivery services, to avoid having these items damaged in transport.

Creating an Oriental home décor style

Minimalistic or grand, monotone or vibrant. Oriental décor styles give you a lot of freedom to work with when putting together your own design. As such, they are easy for most people to incorporate into their homes. We hope you found this list of Oriental home décor styling tips helpful.

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