The Advantages of Installing Tile Floors in Your Property

As one of the most versatile flooring solutions available in today’s day and age, tile can be fabricated in a myriad of distinctive constructs:

  • Marble
  • Limestone and travertine
  • Terracotta
  • Slate
  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Porcelain

As such, tile flooring can adhere to any type of design scheme or thematic arrangement, regardless of whether the property in question features a traditionalistic approach or contemporary façade. But it’s important to highlight some of the alternative benefits as well:

Aesthetic Appeal

If you visit your local tile showroom in Harrogate, for instance, you’ll be able to select from over 300 unique iterations of tile flooring and create the ideal visage for your home or business. From gorgeous cappuccino-tinted marble and Roman classic travertine to Brazilian slate, ivory matte porcelain, and countless others, you’ll gain immediate access to a seemingly infinite number of high-end options.


Due to the intricate manufacturing process, tile flooring is renowned for being incredibly tough, tensile, and robust:

  • Lasts multiple decades without showing any signs of aging
  • Impervious to water and high humidity
  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean
  • Unaffected by mould and mildew
  • Repels allergens, pollens, dirt, and dust

As such, modernised tile can endure 20-40 years of intensive usage without succumbing to dilapidation, degradation, or any type of decay.

Resale Value

As any professional stager will tell you, the decision to install dynamic tile flooring will provide numerous advantages with regard to your property’s resale value:

  • During a recent survey, over 65% of potential buyers were more inclined to pay a higher price for homes with marble, granite, or quartz tiles.
  • Refurbishing your kitchen with tile floors will allow you to recoup upwards of 80% of the initial installation costs.
  • Implementing tile solutions in your bathrooms can boost your property’s inherent value by up to 10%.

As you can see by now, you’ll be able to significantly augment your home’s architectural qualities simply by opting for contemporary tile floors; be sure to reach out to a reputable local supplier and schedule a personalised consultation as soon as possible.

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