What Are The Reasons Behind The Growing Popularity of Duvet Covers?

Duvet cover has been around in the market for a long time. It acts as an excellent insulator. This cover has been manufactured as the center of any contemporary bedroom decor. It not just protects but also becomes a fashion bedroom accessory in any house.

The overall duvet cover provides a lot of benefits as compared to other alternate types of bed covers. Some of the benefits that we are going to tell have boosted their popularity in the market.

Less storage issues

Grey doona covers and inserts require less storage that solves a lot of storage issues associated with other different kinds of bed covers. Generally, you would not require more than 2 inserts for any bed. You can use one of the inserts for winter months and the other one for the summer months.

An empty duvet cover without any insert can be easily used at the time of the hottest months of the year. Each of the duvet cover requires space equivalent to 2 folded flat sheets. This much space is equal to the storage space needed for three bedspreads, decorative comforters and quilts.


Duvet covers are very much affordable bed accessory available in the market. It is manufactured for use without any top sheet. In this way, you save a lot on the overall cost of the top sheet. Also, the process of bed making becomes a lot quicker and easier.


Duvet covers are used to offer a new life to your old decorative blankets, quilts and comforters. On buying a superior quality silk or down comforter for use as the duvet insert, it can easily last for several years to come. In each of those years, you will realize a good amount of utility savings linked with a low thermostat setting.

Select the best fabric for quilt cover set

There is a wide range of material used to manufacture the quilt covers. These covers are available keeping the choices and preferences of people in mind.

Cotton quilt cover

If you are in search for an easy to wash and maintain kind of a quilt cover set in the market, then cotton is the best material to choose. Cotton based quilt covers are very eco-friendly and organic in nature. It fully fits to the environment friendly needs of your home furnishings.

Quilt covers made from cotton last for a longer time. They are very warm. Cotton is highly durable as well as a strong fabric that is widely used by people worldwide.

Silk fabric

Silk is another natural fabric that is organic in nature. It also possesses eco-friendly properties. Quilt covers made from silk are likely to be warmer as well as hypo allergic in nature. This fabric is renowned for its evergreen shine and longer life.

Quilt cover made using silk retains its shape for a longer time. It is also very smooth. There is one drawback of this material and that is quilt fabric made from silk need high maintenance.

Satin quilt cover set

Satin covers can be slippery, cool and uncomfortable. These covers are used for their style and elegance. So, if you want a quilt cover only for the decoration purpose, then satin fabric will be the best available option to choose from.


For people who love to decorate and bring some dynamic changes in your room, then these covers serve as an exciting tool. On using a decorative pillow, you can improve the appearance of the bedroom a lot more. If you haven’t experienced the benefits of duvet covers yet, then after reading this article you will be motivated to try out one soon.

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