When To Plan a Kitchen Renovation

Give your kitchen a much-needed renovation this year with the help of a Los Angeles kitchen remodel design expert. Whether you’re looking to renovate your home before an important event or simply scheduling a timely improvement for your home, find out when to plan a renovation and what to expect throughout the process.

Identify the End Date

Before you know when to start a renovation, it’s best to consider an end point. What date is the latest you want to be moved back into your kitchen? Once you have a move-in date in mind, try to contact a designer at least six months before this date. Six months typically leaves enough time for busy designers and general contractors to schedule and complete your project.

A full kitchen remodel doesn’t take six months to finish, but this timeline allows for plenty of time to discuss your ideas with a designer. It also makes room for unexpected delays, which would otherwise cause stress and delay your move in.

Spring and fall are typically the best times to start projects. Many contractors offer promotions in April, May or November. These springtime and Black Friday deals are a great opportunity to get the kitchen design you’ve been dreaming of for less.

Don’t assume this timeline will hold for every project. Ask your interior design team about lead times, before and after you create your design. You’ll receive remodeling timeline estimates, which can then be refined once you finalize the specific design of your new kitchen.

Consider the Scope of Your Project

Minor remodeling projects don’t require the same timeline. If you’re simply looking to install a new sink or update your wall color, then you may not need the full time frame to work with a reliable interior design Santa Barbara CA, team.

For major remodeling projects, expect at least six months to design and implement your dream kitchen layout. Removing walls, altering appliance layouts and replacing flooring can all take a significant amount of time. Even professionals require time to order the necessary materials, remove existing materials from your kitchen and implement your stunning design.

Part of the reason for the long timeline for kitchen renovation projects is the number of contractors involved. Unlike other renovations, a kitchen project often requires a general contractor, plumber, electrician, HVAC technician and flooring team. If you’re planning to remove a wall, you’ll also need an architect or engineer to determine the best way to achieve this project. Your general contractor will juggle all these schedules for you, but the process can cause unforeseen delays.

Work with a Leading Designer To Meet Your Deadline

Discuss your kitchen renovation goals with Los Angeles residential interior designers today to find out how you can plan a successful timeline. Don’t let delayed shipments, rescheduled contractors and additional design questions delay your project. Enjoy an on-time, on-budget renovation that transforms your home and keeps your kitchen feeling comfortable and stylish. When you work with an expert designer in your area, you can enjoy a low-stress timeline that offers you a totally reimagined kitchen space for you and your family.

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