Why Hiring a Junk Removal Company is Better Than Ordering a Dumpster

With the start of spring comes inspiration to clean out and simplify your life, which often includes your house. A lot of clutter can accumulate after a long winter. You might wonder about what to do with all that junk, and the thought of renting a dumpster might come to mind. But, before you do that, consider all your options. A junk removal service might be a better fit for you. Read on to find out why that may be.


Renting a dumpster might make your home look (and smell) less attractive. A dumpster is surely not the prettiest thing to be dropped on your front lawn. Hiring a local junk removal service company means no unsightly semi-permanent obstructions in your front yard. Instead, people with a dangerously large truck show up, grab everything you need them to, and leave. That’s nothing to worry about.

The Cost in Time, Money, & Muscle

With both options, you will be dropping some cash. But, with a removal service, that’s all you’ll be dropping. Hiring a junk removal service prevents potential injuries from moving the junk all by yourself. Moving all that junk is going to bring a lot of unnecessary wear and tear to your body. That can even move into other aspects of your life and cause you to be less productive, depending on how much junk you had to move. Even if you were able to invite family and friends to help you during this occasion, do you really trust that they’re going to show up on time, much less pull their weight?

Using a junk removal company also saves you a ton of time that you could be spending on other things that are a lot less stinky. Junk removal companies also do a lot of other things you might not know about including furniture take away and donation, appliance removal and recycling, yard refuse cleanup, electronics/computer recycling, carpet/rug recycling, light demolition,

mattress pick-up, tire removal and recycling, office equipment removal, junk and garbage pickup and recycling, scrap metals removal and recycling, hot tub removal, and attic cleanout – to name a few.

Environmental Considerations

If you’re concerned about staying eco-friendly, then a local junk removal service would be the best option. Many items that you plan on throwing away can be recycled. For example, things like electronics, furniture, and clothing can certainly be turned into something brand new. But, that bright future isn’t possible when using a dumpster. With a dumpster, your junk will most likely head to the landfill. But, with a junk removal service, you have the option to find a company that recycles. Maybe your junk can become someone else’s treasure. Also, you’ll be saving time by not having to find recycling facilities on your own.

Both renting a dumpster and hiring a junk removal service has pros and cons. But, if you’re looking to save yourself time, money, and effort then you should definitely choose a junk removal service. They would be able to take your junk to a better place and relieve you of all your unsightly belongings as fast as possible without any hassle on your end.

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